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Challenge #53: Progress

Title: Of progression and correct routes
Author: XiaoBai
Character/Pairing: Naruto(and Sasunaru if you squint)
Rating: G, PG, R, NC-17
Category: Mild angst
Challenge: #53 Progress
Warnings: Spoilers in here~ UNBETA-ED
Disclaimer: NARUTO and its characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto
Summary/Author Notes: *_* It's a long time since I have written anything...^^; Pardon the horrible grammer.

10 hours ago, he had felt the rush of excitment and adrenaline as his training came near to an end. His jutsu was almost complete and he was aching to try it out. The opportunity came, in the form of a powerful enemy clad in black and red clouds, threatening his comrades. He was relieved that he had gotten there in time, but his eagerness to test the power of his creation was greater.

8 hours ago, his jutsu tore through his opponent, breaking every single bone in his enemy's body. It left a gigantic crater and he could feel the awe from the others who witness the power. He felt a surge of pride and the last thing he saw before blacking out was the fallen body of his enemy.

2 hours ago, they returned to Konoha and he woke in the hospital bed(again). His right arm was numb and when turned his head to look at it, he saw that it was wrapped in a cast and bandages. He remembered now that the jutsu had hit him too during the moment of impact and it caused some unease in him.

1 hour ago, Sakura told him about the damage his jutsu did to his arm, and Kakashi-sensei warned him that the more powerful a jutsu is, the greater the risk and the damage it will have on the user. The pride and the adrenaline from a few hours ago left almost immediately after he heard that.

He had thought he had finally reached the other end of the 'bridge'. He was so proud that he reached the other end by himself. Yet now, after he had finally overcome the obstacles that had blocked him, he realised that this bridge do not lead him to his final goal.

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