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naruto_500's Journal

Naruto 500
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This is a community for Naruto short fic (aka drabble) based on a challenge word or theme. A new challenge will be issued approximately every two weeks (14 days). The ficlets will be due within that time frame.

Because Naruto is an ongoing manga/anime, and not everyone has access to the episodes/chapters at the same time, spoiler warnings are required on every post.


I. Format

Pairing (for yaoi)/Characters (for gen): (Optional!)
Rating: G, PG, R, NC-17
Category: Humor, Fluff, Romance, AU, etc.
Challenge: (Number or Theme)
Warnings: (For spoilers, kinks, death, NCS, etc.)
Disclaimer: (REQUIRED!)
Summary/Author Notes: (Optional)

Body of fic always behind a cut tag: [lj-cut]

II. Rules

#1: This community is open to gen, yaoi, yuri, and het fanfic. Please, keep in mind that flaming will not be tolerated.

#2: Ficlets should be approximately 500 words. Shorter/longer responses are welcome, but please make sure you include a note letting us know that your fic doesn't fit the 500 word criteria. No fic should go over 1500 words.

#3: All fics should follow the format for the community. (This will make archiving much easier.)

#4: No off-topic posts of any kind. This is a community for fic - ONLY! This is not the place to disscuss the anime/manga or the characters. Do not start any new threads unless you're posting a fic.

#5: Absolutely NO flaming, NO character bashing, NO pairing bashing. You're welcome to comment on fics, but please do not flame the authors. If you do not like a pairing or a character(s), please refrain from reading those fics.

#6: Feedback is a wonderful thing! If you like a story, please comment! Everyone likes feedback.

#7: Constructive criticism is a double-edged sword. Some authors ask for it. Some others do not. Please keep in mind that most fanfic authors write for fun. They are not getting paid to do this. Do not give unnecessary harsh criticism. Do not take the fun out of it!

#8: Be nice and polite to your fellow fans.

#9: You're welcome to suggest a new challenge. If you have an idea for a challenge, please post it as a reply to the most recent challenge entry. If approved by the admin, it will be issued and you will be given credit.

III. Final Notes

#1. Violation of any of the rules above will result in removal from the community.

#2. Every post will be archived in the community memories.

#3. Have fun! :)


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